Let's get this party started.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our kickoff call questionnaire. By doing so, it will help our kickoff call go much smoother by clearing up some of the finer details so we can discuss the bigger, more exciting ones...your website visions!

We are excited to chat with you about your project needs - we truly believe that a great website is sound investment in the future of your company.

Kickoff Call Questionnaire
Reviewing your competition is helpful, not so we can copy what they are doing, but so we are mindful of what others are doing online to make sure that, if they are doing something well, we can learn from that and find a way to do it even better.

It is also helpful to review the websites of the competition to make sure you we not copy what they are doing, even if it is unintentional.
It is helpful to have a sense of a your preferred design tastes before we begin designing your new website. Allowing us to review some sites that you enjoy will give us some insight into your subconscious likes and dislikes.

Your brand values.

This is a sentence or two that explains your company’s goals. It should also weave in some information about what your organization is and why it exists.
This is like your company mission statement, only more specific to your offerings. Check out Volvo's example above.
Think about your brand’s personality. How would you describe it?

If a company wants to come across as “fun” and “friendly,” we will certainly design their site different than if they wanted to be “corporate” or “cutting edge.” By understanding the personality traits of an organization and how they wish to be perceived, we can begin to establish the design aesthetic that will be right for each project.
Every website has a “win,” which is the end goal for that site. For an E-commerce site like Amazon, the “win” is when someone makes a purchase. A site for a local service provider may be when someone picks up the phone and calls that company. No matter what type of site, there is a “win” and we'd like to begin to understand what your "win" is, so that we can best design and experience to help seal that win.
Since most sites do not have only one distinct audience (but rather a varied mix of possible customers), this will undoubtedly be a multi-part answer. That is fine. We want to have an understanding of the combination of people who will frequent a website so that you we can design solutions that will not alienate any one of those potential audience segments.
Visitors who come to a website will judge that site in as little as 3-8 seconds, so there is precious little time to make an impression and convey a message. By understanding what the most important message is, we can emphasize that message and ensure that it is front and center.

Brand Attributes.

The following questions will dive into the essence and identity of your brand. How does your brand’s image fall between these opposing characteristics?